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Chris High reviews the book 'On Younghusband's path' written by Tom Broadbent

Tom Broadbent
'On Younghusband's Path - Peking To Pindi'
ISBN: 0-9548542-2-5
Publisher: Head-Hunter

Front Cover of the book 'On Younghusband's Path' by Tom Broadbent

Tom Broadbent

Oh the dangers of reading book reviews.

Tom Broadbent read a book review in 1985 then two years later set off on a 4,000 mile journey that took him in the footsteps of a distant relation.

His debut, On Younghusband's Path, is a book that gladdens the heart. It is a compelling, informative, funny and moving account of Broadbent's odyssey across Asia that retraces the journey undertaken by his grandfather's cousin, Sir Francis Younghusband, a century earlier.


Younghusband was an intrepid explorer, writer, mystic, soldier and diplomat in the days of the British Raj who made this particular journey - one of many similarly arduous treks - in the service of a British government concerned that India might be under threat of attack from Russia in "The Great Game".

Broadbent, by contrast, was a disenchanted auditor who had already visited India, wanted to return and did the journey for something to do.

Coincidences aplenty make this an account of fulfilled destiny.

Tom didn't know anything about Younghusband when he decided on the journey and had no intention of writing a book about it. Younghusband had written twenty-six accounts of his exploits. The author didn't know from the review of Younghusband's own re-issued book when, exactly, Sir Francis had completed the trek or how he'd achieved it. All Broadbent understood was that a journey from Peking to Rawalpindi - alone and wherever feasible on foot - sounded an attractive proposition and was the excuse he'd been looking for to go back to a place he'd fallen in love with. When he discovered that the centenary was fast approaching his mind turned to writing the book of his adventure.

Similar in many ways to Touching The Void, the author has a fine touch that carries the reader along and pulls them into situations as they unfold. The warmth given to the visited places and their people makes the book more personable while the descriptive prose is written with vivid intelligence and passion. It is also a book that brings back into the light one of British history's greatest achievers, in a manner that is fresh and invigorating.

To say that this is merely a Travelogue is an injustice. It is an account of an epic expedition that relives the dream on every page and is a notable historical account of a true British hero.

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“I would just like to thank chris for the quickest book review in world history; only met him last night at my book launch for On Younghusband's Path, as I signed his copy. 24 hours later, the review is here. And such a nice one.”
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