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Chris High reviews the book 'The Wire In The Blood' written by Val McDermid

VAL McDERMID - The Wire In The Blood
Harper Collins (Paperback) 1998
ISBN: 000649983x

The front cover of 'The Wire In The Blood' by Val McDermid for this review.

The Wire In The Blood
by Val McDermid

As one of Britain's foremost Crime novelists, Val McDermid came to national prominence via the television adaptation of this novel, starring Robson Green & Hermione Norris, as Dr. Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan.

Young girls are going missing at irregular intervals all around the country, with nothing to connect their disappearances other than the 'type' of look that all of the girls possess. Hill, having been chosen to form an elite unit of psychological profilers, uses these cases as an exercise for his brightest and best to come up with a profile of the potential suspect.


Only one squad member comes up with a well-researched, ironclad theory, however, which is nonetheless so preposterous, that it is almost immediately discounted - until one of the 'baby' profilers is gruesomely mutilated and murdered.

Though The Wire In The Blood is not a Whodunit, it's still a well-paced, brilliantly researched, gripping and intriguing read. It has a set of great characters that are both unique and familiar, which gets the mind working in its own right, whilst McDermid is far from wary of using graphic description to instil genuine fear into her readership. Val McDermid is certainly not for the squeamish.

The plot is allowed to build through its own force whilst never being dull and the relationship between Hill and Jordan leads to an excellent sub-plot of a "will they / won't they" nature.

All in all, this is an excellent introduction to the world of Val McDermid, who boasts a style that is uniquely her own and which is eminently readable. Only one question remains unanswered at its conclusion; whether or not Richard Madely has ever read it?

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