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Chris High reviews the book Weaving Shadows by Margaret Murphy on this page.

Publisher: Hodder

The Dispossessed

Margaret Murphy's most powerful novel to date, The Dispossessed follows the hunt for the murderer of a young, female Afghan refugee who has been dumped into a wheelie bin to die in Liverpool.

Assigned to the case is DI Jeff Rickman who, despite having deep-rooted family problems that he is unwilling to face, is soon drawn into a web of lie and counter lie, until events twist dramatically and so make things become very personal.


The Dispossessed is the first in a series of Rickman books, with a second novel being released in October of this year entitled Now You See Me.

By writing about such a topical and controversial subject, Murphy - who herself is a volunteer helping refugees at Liverpool's Advocacy Project - has managed to explode some myths surrounding the refugee and asylum issues, without ever becoming a preacher. The recurring theme of the novel is that, from first page to last, nothing is what it seems and the reader's view of who the "bad guys" really are, changes on almost every page. Added to this is an increasingly moving and vivid use of language, description and tone, making it little wonder that Margaret Murphy is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of Crime literature.

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“Thanks for another terrific review, Chris. I don’t use the phrase ‘life-changing’ lightly, but the truth is, researching and writing this book did change my life. Scare-mongering in the press and media can seem persuasive and alarming, and encourages us to see individuals as a faceless mass, and worse than this, a ‘problem’. Visitors to your site might be interested to know that Refugee Action is a nationwide organisation with a variety of volunteer programmes. It’s also good to get the facts as they really are; for more information, try or
Margaret Murphy   -   author of The Dispossessed.



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