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Chris High reviews the book by Martin Edwards - The Coffin Trail

by Martin Edwards

Publishers: Allison & Busby
ISBN: 0-74908-320-4

The Coffin Trail - a book written by Martin Edwards - front cover.

As the author of nine novels and a collection of short stories, lawyer Martin Edwards can be seen to be no slouch when it comes to getting his work out. With this, his first of a series of Lake District Mysteries, it is easy to see why there is a demand for such a high output.


The Coffin Trail centres around the accidental death of Barrie Gilpin and the brutal murder of Gabrielle Anders. Gilpin is blamed for her brutal slaying, but dies before being arrested let alone convicted. Years later, a childhood friend buys Barrie's old house and starts to ask questions that begin to rattle the natives and sets the cold-case squad headed by DCI Hannah Scarlett on the trail of a murderer.

The description of the area in which Edwards has set the novel is made familiar even to those who have never visited The Lakes, while his attention to detail with regards to its history is as admirable as it is interesting, though never over-played. The plot line is plausible, original and holds a tense ending that is guaranteed to surprise even the most hardened of sceptics. As loyalties past and present tear the central characters, the reader feels each and every pull until at last their own allegiances are formed and then wrenched away.

This is an excellent crime novel that sets the scene for others that are set to follow in its wake.

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“Excellent website. Thanks for the review. Music trivia question - what song did Chris De Burgh co-write with Burt Bacharach?”
Martin Edwards - author of 'The Coffin Trail' .



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