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Chris High reviews the best selling book 'The Business Of Dying' by Simon Kernick


Simon Kernick
Corgi Paperback
ISBN: 0-552-14970-5

The Business of Dying - front cover of the book

The Business Of Dying

by Simon Kernick

This writing lark must be a doddle if the standard of this, the debut novel from Simon Kernick, is anything to go by. Just get an idea, string a few sentences together and, hey-presto, a top selling book.

Of course, the reality is very different and it's a testament to Kernick's ability as a storyteller that the text flows so easily and credibly that might make anybody believe that being an author is easy money. Like any true artist, Simon Kernick makes his craft "look" easy.


Dennis Milne is a London DS with a sideline that he wants keeping secret. When a particularly brutal murder is handed to him, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep his professional and private lives apart and so plunges his life - and that of those around him - into a desperate fight for survival against London's toughest members of society.

Packed with gritty realism, believable characters and a plotline that packs a punch powerful enough to rock Mike Tyson in his prime, The Business Of Dying has rightly been acclaimed as "A killer first novel" that sweeps the reader along, page after heart-racing page.

Kernick describes London's meaner streets with well researched dexterity, that cannot fail to immerse the reader in the soft underbelly of life in the Big City and so captures the atmosphere of a world that we know exists, but would rather not think of, so well and yet manages also to bring a deftly crafted humour to the scene where necessary.
Milne is a character that the reader can love and loathe in equal measure, but one we'd all like to know he is on our side.

“Chris - great review of THE BUSINESS OF DYING. Really appreciated.. ”
Simon Kernick 2005

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