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Harper Collins, 2001

Storm written by Boris Starling

When a debutant author delivers a work as powerful as Messiah, then a reader might think that he has drained the barrel too quickly. Not so in this case.

Boris Starling has pulled off a second equally as compelling novel at his second attempt that will leave the reader begging for more.


Storm is set in Aberdeen during a heatwave. A vicious killer is on the loose who leaves an unusual calling card - a live black snake - on the victim's body. Kate Beuchamp has to find the killer before he strikes again, whilst recovering from nearly being drowned in a ferry disaster.

Storm is really 2 tales in 1. The hunt for the killer and a separate story concerning the tracking down of the perpetrator of the terrorist act that sinks the ferry.

The book is fast paced, well written and a guaranteed page-turner. The only complaints I have are that it's a little contrived in places, where it needn't be (I'll not tell you where, you'll see for yourselves) and that Kate is possibly the worst mother in the world AND gets away with it!!
This aside, I urge you to read this book. Especially for the ending!! I strongly advise NOT eating before the tale is completed.

For those of you who enjoyed the original Messiah on BBC (one of the best crime stories to have ever been put out), or have read the book (which has a VERY different ending to the drama version) this will not disappoint
I've just bought Starling's 3rd novel, Vodka, and can't wait to get stuck into that too.

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