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Chris High reviews Lindsey Davis


Lindsey Davis
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0 -7126 - 2590 - 9

Front cover of the book by Lindsey Davies - See Delphi And Die


No matter how prolific a reader might be, it is always interesting to come into a series when it's already well underway. The challenges involved are different and more refreshing, as the characters and setting are totally new and well developed. So it was with See Delphi And Die, the 17th novel in the Falco series written by Lindsey Davis, that current popularity of all things Roman was extended to Crime Fiction set in AD 76.


A young girl and a newly-wed woman have been murdered at Olympia and the authorities will not investigate properly. Falco steps in and, having made himself unwelcome at the hidebound sanctuary, he soon finds himself up against the secrets hidden by The Seven Sites Travel Company (yes, such things did exist at that time) and the search for truth proves far from genteel in the land of myth and legend.

For reasons of credibility if for no other, Historical Fiction needs to be historically accurate. With See Delphi And Die, it is easy to see why academics use these novels as overviews to the life and times of the Roman Empire and why her novels have sold well over the million mark. Beautifully written and ornately detailed, the prose never runs to being dull thanks to the frequent injections of humour that the author gives the dialogue. Put simply, the characters may be from two thousand years ago, but they might also be standing alongside us in Tesco's on a Saturday morning. The complaints, views, loves and tribulations are the same now as they were then and Davis captures this superbly well.

The plot is extremely fast moving and the story demands to be read, simply through it being so credible and etched so finely, with the conclusion more than shocking enough to leave the reader to wanting more and more and more.

As an introduction to the Roman world, See Delphi And Die is superb. As an introduction the world of Lindsey Davis and Marcus Didius Falco, See Delphi And Die may be the latest addition to a long line, but certainly will not be the last to be Reviewed here.

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