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Chris High reviews the book 'Redemption' by Richard Burke


Richard Burke
Published by: Orion
ISBN: 0-75286-824-1

Redemption front cover of the book by Richard Burke

Richard Burke

Richard Burke's second novel, Redemption, is a highly emotive crime drama with a difference. Set around the kidnap of the wife of an Assistant Prison Governor, Redemption weaves greed, revenge and jealousy into a tight mixture of intrigue that is sure to have readers turning the pages in a flurry.

When Charlotte Daniels, the recently and precariously pregnant wife of Prison Governor Matthew, is kidnapped, her biggest fear is that she might lose another baby. Matthew, having seen his first wife commit suicide, is desperate to find out who has taken her, why and where she is being kept hidden. Growing ever more desperate, Matthew reluctantly enlists the help of the mysterious Monk, a former inmate who has his own past to deal with, some of which is the fault of Matthew.


In an intensely satisfying, highly descriptive plot, Burke has managed to capture the trauma of abduction in a unique and refreshing manner. Here, there is non of the over glamorisation of prison life that tends to plague novels with such a backdrop and very little slushy sentimentality when it comes to how the characters deal with their respective situations.

Overall, this is a subtle story that underplays the seedier, more gruesome elements of modern crime fiction without ever detracting from its power and is a further step along the road to success for an author who is rapidly becoming ever more accomplished.

“What a fantastic site! (And I'm not just saying that because of your lovely review of REDEMPTION!) It must be a real labour of love - but for us visitors, it's well worth it. Keep it up, Chris - and I wish you every success.”
Richard Burke 2006

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