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Chris High reviews the book 'Red Sky Lament' a book by E. Wright


Edward Wright
ISBN: 0-75286-930-2
February, 2006

Front Cover of 'Red Sky Lament 'by Edward Wright

Red Sky Lament
Edward Wright

1950's America was, without doubt, a scary place to be. The bastion of democracy was being torn apart by lies that an allied nation only a few years previously were hell-bent on ridding the world of everything true Americans held dear. Edward Wright, in this his third novel, has captured those self same feelings of persecution, fear and uncertainty, setting Red Sky Lament against the backdrop of one of the most victimised industries, the movie business.


A former B-movie star, John Ray Horn, is engaged to find the murderer of Owen Brucker, a brilliantly talented screenwriter accused of being a Communist Party member by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Everybody wants Horn to drop the hunt, including his friends and the FBI, which makes him all the more determined to find whoever is responsible. John Ray's search leads him into confrontations with some of Hollywood's most important people until, finally, his investigation takes a final deadly turn.

Thoroughly researched and utterly compelling, Red Sky Lament is more than a crime novel, it's a history lesson on speed. The characterisations are so vividly portrayed that images of the non-fiction people mentioned, become somehow less colourful. The pace of the novel is relentless, despite the somewhat laconic attitude of John Ray Horn (who, if this novel is made into a film, has to star "a young" Clint Eastwood wannabe), whereas the dialogue is crisp and snappy enough for this almost to be a play.

Having studied a little of the background of this period in American history, Red Sky Lament is a fitting testament to its setting, as it brings to life the very real anxieties of a nation without ever letting them become over-played parodies of a bygone age.

Interview with Edward Wright by Chris High

“Hello, Chris--You strike me as a real Renaissance man (a chef too!), &; you have a very entertaining site. Many thanks for the kind remarks about the book. Anything that puts me in closer touch with British readers is a bonus for me. Best wishes in all your pursuits...”
Edward Wright 2006

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