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Chris High reviews the book'Does Anything Eat Wasps?'


Ken Bruen
Bantam Press
ISBN: 0-5930-5510-1

Priest front cover of the book by Ken Bruen

Ken Bruen

Taut, dark and deeply sinister, Ken Bruen's latest novel featuring the tragic Jack Taylor, Priest is awash with everything that is good with modern crime fiction.

Taylor, recovering from the devastation of personal loss, has always believed himself to be beyond forgiveness. But the beheading of a respected Galway Priest and an unexpected partnership makes him hope that his one desperate vision - that of normal family ties - might yet be fulfilled.


Constantly at odds with himself, his addictions and the rapidly changing Irish world around him where traditional values are becoming extinct, Taylor gives no quarter to the greed and selfishness of his kinsmen, who seem hell bent on bringing destruction to the land of his childhood that he remembers with a sour-edged fondness.

Conspiracies surround him and the past is never very far away though Jack Taylor must take on the most powerful and secretive of opponents, The Church, to find the answers he needs.

Often sombre, Priest is nonetheless magical in its construction, pace and dialogue. Written in the first person, the reader can see and feel Taylor coming to terms with his traumas, his alcoholism and his personal pain as though he were an acquaintance with whom they might have once shared a pint and a chat, but sadly no longer.

Bruen's mastery of the colloquial adds to the realism he has conjured up, making the peripheral and central characters strong and the City of Galway vibrant, though without ever diminishing the sinister underbelly of a plot reeking of revenge, disillusionment and cynicism.

Ken Bruen has created a Crime Fiction masterpiece with Priest; a novel that has all the social comment of a good John Baker novel, the intrigue and captivation of an excellent Mo Hayder and the touches of black, ironic, self-deprecating humour of J P Donleavey at his height.

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