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Chris High reviews the best selling book 'Point Blanc' by Anthony Horowitz


Anthony Horowitz
Publisher: Walker Books (Paperback)
ISBN: 0-7445-5971-5

Front cover of the Anthony Horowitz book 'Point Blanc'

Point Blanc
Anthony Horowitz

For first class thrills, spills and adventure, Anthony Horowitz can be safely said to have cornered the modern market. Influenced greatly by Ian Flemming's work, Point Blanc is the second novel in the series featuring the reluctant teenage-spy, Alex Rider, who is about to achieve more acclaim with the release of a star-studded movie, Stormbreaker in 2006 - an adaptation of the first Rider adventure.


When two multi-millionaires are killed, MI6 become suspicious of the fact that both had sons at the reform college, Point Blanc, run by a certain Dr Grief. Alex Rider is the same age as the two boys and agrees, after some persuasion, to go under cover at the college to see exactly what methods Grief and his staff members employ to correct the seemingly maladjusted youngsters. What Alex finds out is beyond belief and cannot be stopped. MI6 have sent him in alone.

Packed with gripping action from first to last, this is a novel aimed at the "young-teen" market that defies adults to put it down once begun. The writing is as tight as one might expect from Horowitz, as author of stories that include those told in the hugely successful TV series Foyle's War, and are as filled with as many gadgets and as much mayhem as anything the creator of James Bond might have come up with.

Deeply absorbing, fantastically outrageous and completely unputdownable, Point Blanc is a novel to savour no matter what age the reader may be.

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