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Chris High reviews the best selling book 'Perception of Death by Louise Anderson

'PERCEPTION OF DEATH' by Louise Anderson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0-09-947126-4

Perception Of Death by Louise Anderson reviewed on this page.

Perception of Death
Louise Anderson

In order to break into the world of authors, it is necessary to have a gift for taking the unusual and making it credible. With this her debut novel, Louise Anderson has waded into the murky waters of Crime with confidence and talent to spare.

Perception Of Death centres round Erin Patterson, a rich and successful lawyer who now runs her retired father's firm in Glasgow. When an old school friend of her sister is brutally murdered, having first trying inexplicably to contact Erin, the advocate's life begins to unravel and she begins to see things from her past and present for what they truly are ... dark, mysterious and, above all, dangerous.


The story has a pace that sweeps the reader along and holds an intrigue that is beguiling. The use of often black comedy and forthright sarcasm, do on occasions tend to jolt a little, but this is more than made up for in the fact that the plot is so utterly original, so authentically painful, that it cannot be ignored.

The cast of characters, ranging from the deeply insecure and self-driven Erin to the "mad as a box of frogs" mother, all sparkle with wit and intelligence, yet each would cry out to be put in their place for being so utterly self-centered.

As for the author herself, she has a rare gift of being able to make a reader continue on with a story, despite also making them shake their head in disbelief at what they are being shown. A talent that must surely mean Louise Anderson has a very bright future in the world of Crime fiction. This is an entertaining, exciting read that marks, hopefully, the beginning of a long and successful career.

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