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Chris High reviews Jane Wenham-Jones' book: One Glass Is Never Enough


Jane Wenham-Jones

Accent Press
ISBN: 19051 70106

Front cover of the book by Jane Wenham-Jones - One Glass Is never Enough

Written by
Jane Wenham-Jones

Somebody once said, wisely, that often “a change is as good as a rest”. So without further ado, here is a review that is not – in any way – related to Crime fiction. Laugh out loud funny in places, this is a novel that smacks of Sex In The City, Desperate Housewives and just a little of Six Feet Under done with the class, understated style and fun that only Brits can possibly manage.


Three women, one bar and three different reasons for buying it. Single mother Sarah needs a home for her children, Claire’s an ambitious business woman and for wealthy Gaynor, Greens Wine Bar is just one more amusement. Or is it?

On the surface, Gaynor has it all – money, looks, a beautiful home in the picturesque seaside town of Broadstairs, and Victor – her generous, successful husband. But while Sarah longs for love and Claire is making money, Gaynor wants answers. Why is Victor behaving strangely and who does he see on his frequent trips away? What’s behind the threatening phone-calls? As the bar takes off, Gaynor’s life starts to fall apart. Into her turmoil comes Sam – strong and silent with a hidden past. Theirs is an unlikely friendship but then nobody is quite what they seem in this tale of love, loss and betrayal set against the dream of owning a wine bar. As Gaynor’s confusion grows, events unfold that will change all of their lives forever.

With a pace that is sustained throughout and a writing style that is eminently readable, Jane Wenham-Jones has delivered a winner. There is so much feeling in this book that, when they arrive, the laughs it contains act almost like a pressure valve releasing the frustrations that the reader builds within themselves, on behalf of the excellent characters. The scenario of three women from such different backgrounds is so well described, it is possible to “see” Greens Wine Bar, taste the drinks and smell the food, so well is the atmosphere drawn and so mischievous are the author’s attempts at luring the reader along disguised paths until the conclusion is made apparent.

Overall, this a is a clear, well-written, uplifting, demoralising, funny, sad, insightful, thought provoking novel that should be read and re-read once JWJ’s two previous books have been read and re-read in turn.

“Some great reviews here!”
Jane Wenham-Jones 2006

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