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Chris High reviews the book 'Hit And Run' by Cath Staincliffe


Cath Staincliffe
Publisher: Allison & Busby
ISBN: 0-74908-252-6

Front Cover of 'Hit & Run' written by Cath Staincliffe

Hit & Run
Cath Staincliffe

Cath Staincliffe's second adventure for DCI Janine Lewis, Hit & Run, bears all the quality hallmarks that one might expect from a Murder Squad member; complexity, grit and intelligence that shines through in the writing.

Originally written as a script for an episode of the successful ITV Blue Murder series starring Caroline Quentin, the story revolves around the discovery of the body of a woman in a river who's face has been deliberately made unrecognisable. On the same day, Janine sees a young classmate of her son mown down by a driver who fails to stop, right outside of the school gates. Two very different deaths, a difficult home-life and a job that she begins to doubt she is suited for make this one of DCI Lewis' more compelling stories.


Cath Staincliffe
possesses the very great skill of being able to breath life into familiar surroundings. Manchester's newly polished urban sprawl is stripped methodically away to reveal a dark underbelly that exists in most major cities the world over; seedy nightclubs, itinerant citizens out to make a fast buck and darkened alleyways all combine to add to the overall atmospheric malevolence that such a story demands. But there is also warmth in the portrayal of Janine's domestic life. An errant husband, feelings that won't go away and four children to care for add and subtract from her dilemmas in very different ways that are explored here in detail, without ever slowing down the plot. All in all, this is an entertaining and engaging thriller that will make readers seek out Cath Staincliffe's other work.

“Great to see a new site that's passionate about crime fiction and delighted to see the review of Hit & Run. Chris is a great PR merchant too. Recommended.”
Cath Staincliffe 2005

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