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Come face to face with the unique way to meet authors on the Internet and judge them by their covers.

If you want to find or search for an author using a new technique, then a promotion site has recently been published on the Internet at:

Historically, searching for authors and writers can either be done by either: going to the website direct (if you know the address) or using a search facility or specialist site.

There are countless websites dedicated to different genres, each one listing many authors; so what makes this one different?

Well... author promotion can be very difficult in an ever increasing market place, so new and original techniques of marketing are always welcome on the Internet. The Website is essentially a database of photographs on which the visitor can view writers of different genres, none of which are named.

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The site is very easy to navigate around and uses the principle that we should trust our inner voice or instincts to select a face we find 'interesting'. The theory behind this is that we are all born with an ability to distinguish trustworthy faces since our infancy.

Should this principle be right, then the face we feel empathy with most will also be a author who's writing style we enjoy, but does it work?

It's certainly true what the site claims: " Most of us don't know what famous authors look like." Some readers could quite easily enjoy a whole catalogue of someone like James Herbert and still walk past him in the street.

This website is overall, good fun. Where else could someone who has had only one book published advertise alongside the likes of Stephen King, J K Rowling and James Herbert etc and still stand just as much chance of a visit to their site as they do?

With author promotion being a necessity in this global village, many more people will no doubt be persuaded to read more books if they visit this site and the cost of advertising has been kept very low to encourage authors to promote themselves accordingly.



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“Writing gets me away for a while' from this world and into one where I, alone, can make or
break the rules as I see fit.” - Chris High 2003.