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Chris High reviews the best selling book 'Millions' by Frank Cottrell Boyce

BODIES by Jed Mercurio
Vintage Publications
ISBN: 0-099-42283-2

by Jed Mercurio

With the increasing and enduring popularity of medical drama on modern television, it seems that the public demand for human suffering as entertainment, is insatiable.

And Jed Mercurio with his debut novel, which incidentally has been brilliantly adapted for television, certainly manages to deliver with this intelligent, moving and, at times, humorous account of the life a young doctor entering the world of NHS medicine.


We all think we know what it must be like to be a doctor? No, we don't. We don't know anything.

Mercurio speaks with the authority of being himself a former doctor and supplies an insight into a world unseen by the unwitting patient; a world where results matter more than their means and where corruption and malpractice are swept under carpets big enough to cover Buckingham Palace.

It is not a story about healing but is rather a story about coping and surviving as a young doctor. As such, while this novel is an excellent read, it is not one for squeamish or for those about to have their tonsils removed.

Bodies is a book worthy of its place in the top five of best debutant novels of the year, as voted by The Guardian, and can rank alongside Samuel Shem's House Of God in its ability to dish the dirt on what is perceived as to being the most caring of professions, without maligning its front-line soldiers to the extent of demonisation.

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