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Chris High reviews  the Jimmy Lee Shreeve novel: Blood Rites


Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0-09-949954-1
August 3rd, 2006

Front cover of the book by Jimmy Lee Shreeve: Blood Rites

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On the cover of Jimmy Lee Shreeve’s fascinating depiction of the rituals of human sacrifice in the modern world, Blood Rites, there is one of those little black-bordered messages that are mostly seen on CD’s or DVD’s these days: Warning – Contains Explicit Material.


The warning may attract some readers whereas others might shrug it off as simple blurb. With Blood Rites, however, the warning is there for a reason and the word “explicit” in this case is understated.

Lima, Peru, 2004 - the body of a decapitated baby boy is found on a hilltop, surrounded by flowers, a liquor bottle and a container of blood, apparently the victim of a ritual sacrifice to appease a pre-Columbian earth god. New Jersey, USA, 2002 - a Palo Mayombe sect temple basement is raided by police, who find human body parts and the remains of several animals seemingly sacrificed by worshippers. London, England, 2001 - the dismembered torso of a five-year-old boy is found floating in the Thames, the victim of a Ju Ju ritual sacrifice.

Around the world, humans are being trafficked, kidnapped, sold and enslaved, for the specific purpose of sacrifice. Mass-scale migration has seen these gruesome techniques exported from the land of the Aztecs - and finding their way into Britain and the US. Voodoo priests in London have been linked with ritual murders. And a recently leaked police commissioned report found that witchcraft, voodoo-related abuse and murder, are rife in the UK.

By turns gruesome, disturbing and intriguing, Blood Rites reveals the true, untold story of a violent tradition, taking place terrifyingly close to home.

Written in a free-flowing, almost matter-of-fact style, Jimmy Lee Shreeve takes the reader on a journey that is, to say the least, terrifying and opens up the doors on a world that most believe to be fake or bathed in mysticism beyond comprehension. Here, everything is explained in detail, without the book ever becoming dull or lecturing. The open mind of the reader is given something new to think about, whilst the closed mind of the sceptic is challenged in a way it has been rarely tested before.

Jimmy Lee Shreeve, who has worked for The Guardian, The Independent and who hosts his own True Crime hour show on a local radio station, has encapsulated so vividly the true nature of the horror that is alive and well and living in Britain today, it is a testament to his skills as an investigative journalist. Blood Rites is, on every page, a shocking read written with a sense of purpose that is laudable and in a manner that is eminently readable.

Though if the reader is one of a delicate disposition, make the lights are on, the windows and doors are locked and that the cat and dog are safely by your feet before starting.

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“Well done Chris! You've created a remarkable and brilliant website - a real community for both writers and readers. What's more, you've given my book "Blood Rites" a great review. But even if you'd slated it as fit only for the bestial denizens of Hell, I'd have still be complimentary about the work you're doing (come to think about it, I might have been even more complimentary)!”
Jimmy Lee Shreeve 2006

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