CdeB's Record dash game - scroll down for instructions

How do I play CdeB's Record Dash? (MOVE THE ARROW KEYS)
Collect the HIT(diamond gold records), and avoid the falling MISS records!
Along the way, you'll encounter these elements:

Titanium Wall An indestructable wall
Music notes You can dig through the music, leaving empty spaces
Brick Wall This wall can be destroyed if, say, you blow up a firefly next to it
Magic Wall Just as destructable as the Brick Wall. If you drop a MISS into the Magic Wall, it turns into a HIT. If you drop a HIT, it becomes a MISS. There has to be an empty space under the Magic Wall, or else the falling MISS or HIT will be swallowed by the wall and lost forever.
Firefly Moves clockwise. If you smash it with a MISS or HIT, it explodes. Deadly to the touch.
Butterfly Moves counterclockwise. If you smash it with a MISS or a HIT, it explodes into HITS. Also deadly to the touch.
Amoeba Grows randomly. If you suffocate it so it has no place to grow, all of the amoeba will turn into HITS. Amoeba is not deadly to the touch (so you can help suffocate an amoeba by standing next to it), but will kill fireflies or butterflies that touch it.
Closed Exit When you collect the required number of HITS, this will turn into an Opened Exit.
Opened Exit Passage to the next level.

At any time during the game, you can press ESC or hit Restart if you become hopelessly stuck. If you hold the SHIFT key while moving in any direction, you will affect the element in that direction without actually moving there. Therefore, you can clear music notes, move a MISS, or collect a HIT while standing still.

You may move to the previous and next levels using the buttons provided, but your score will only be permanently recorded when you successfully complete a level. 
Adapted by Steve Bennett 2004 for just some harmless fun, hope you enjoy!    

This applet is proud to be featured in the Game Section of, and Jars!