Extract from the Getaway Gazette 1994

"I was contacted by Virgin Atlantic and Branson to perform for Princess Diana -and they wanted to name the first Aeroplane of a new fleet 'The Lady In Red.' All the air hostesses were wearing red outfits and they had a special cocktail on board named after the song. It was raspberry juice and champagne, or something. It sounded like a gas, so I agreed to do it. Princess Diana didn't know I was there. It was held inside an aircraft hangar, and I was placed up on a podium with a piano -which was parallel with the windows of the cockpit. The pilots could see it, and they had to bring the aircraft to it. The drapes came up as Princess Diana was on another podium, and I sang -with voice and piano -The Lady In Red.

I suppose there must have been about 500 people there, and then we all got on the aircraft and flew for about 90 minutes. I was up at the front with Diane, Princess Diana and Richard Branson it was terrific fun; the Princess is great company. We eventually landed at Gatwick but, because we'd taken off from Heathrow, I needed to get back there because we were flying back to Dublin I didn't fancy spending another 90 minutes in the car, or whatever, so I arranged a helicopter. Princess Diana also wanted to get back, so she came along with us. We took the helicopter, landed in the grounds of Kensington Palace, said our good-byes and then Diane and I went off to the airport. That was pretty good fun, and it's quite a thrill to have an aircraft, which will be flying for some years to come, named after one of my songs."