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Lindsay Ashford

Publisher: Honno
ISBN: 187020669X
1st April, 2005

Lindsay Ashford biography by Chris High

As daring and as gripping as the come, Lindsay Ashford’s second novel, Strange Blood, sees psychologist Megan Rhys investigating the reasons behind a bizarre and brutal murder and challenging the beliefs of her superiors with almost fatal consequences to herself.

Front Cover of 'Strange Blood' by Lindsay Ashford

The Various Haunts Of Men
by Susan Hill

Megan is called in to help the police with the murder of a young mother who has been brutally killed and a pentagram carved in her forehead. While the media-obsessed police chief wants to call it a satanic ritual, Megan keeps an open mind and starts investigating the details of the victim's life - and the lives of the other victims as the murders increase. As she delves deeper into the past, so does Megan endanger her own well-being and strengths the hand of the murder into the bargain.

Beautifully written, Strange Blood is guaranteed to engage the reader from first page to last so that the novel will not be set down until it is complete. The characters, especially that of Megan, are so intrinsically well drawn, readers cannot help to empathise and sympathise with the many situations in which she finds herself and so will her to succeed.

The pace is relentless, the scenario more than credible and the conclusion deeply satisfying as piece by piece the puzzle is put together and all loose ends are cut and tied up neatly with one final burst of energy.

For a second novel to be short-listed for this award is some achievement, yet that is not to say that it is undeserved. Strange Blood by Lindsay Ashford would be a worthy addition to any roll of honour and the author’s continued success in the field of crime fiction is as assured as the sun rising.

Theakston's Old Peculier Harrogate Crime Writing Festival 2006

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