Life by Lauren Cooke

Life isn’t about the bad things that happen.
It’s about the good things.
It’s about the air in your lungs,
The blood running through your veins.
It’s about the feel of rain on your skin,
The darkness of the sky at night,
And walking across damp grass.
It’s about the salty taste of the sea,
The smell of honey soaked air,
And balmy summer evenings.
It’s about the sound of the morning chorus,
The sun setting over the ocean,
And crisp mountain air.
It’s about the colour of roses,
The sweet smoothness of chocolate,
And the clarity of winter evenings.
It’s about the luck of being alive,
The pure chance that made you happen.
Being thankful for anything and everything,
No matter how small.
The beating of your heart

© Lauren Cooke 2005

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