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A feature of Alan James - Chris de Burgh and John Lennon tribute act


Alan James has been a Chris de Burgh Soundalike/Tribute Act since 1996. Since then, Alan has been performing his tribute to sell out venues throughout the UK, Europe, Spain, Ireland, Jersey, Isle of Man and the USA. Alan as also appeared as Chris De Burgh on ITV and Sky TV.

He was the very first Chris De Burgh tribute artiste to be invited personally by Chris De Burgh to sing with him at his open air concert at Harewood House, Yorkshire on 30th August 1998; this was something to which Alan describes as "a great honour".
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Alan James as Chris de Burgh - The Ultimate Tribute



Then CdeB invited Alan on stage again, this time to sing a song with his band in front of a packed theatre at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester in July 1999.
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Chris de Burgh recalled the events in the Getaway Gazette Feb 2000 "So, Ian Moor was at Manchester - and also another guy called Alan James, who's a Chris de Burgh impersonator. That's what he does for a living, and he's very good, too. Ian and Alan both came on stage, stage left and stage right, during Lady In Red' - completely confusing the audience - while I walked up the middle, out of the audience. The audience was looking at three different people, coming from three different places, and listening to three different voices thinking 'Now, which is the real one?' It was really funny."  
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Alan James is now established as Europe's official look-a-like/sound-a-like tribute to Chris De Burgh, since 2000 he also performs a tribute to John Lennon and The Beatles.

Alan was originally a drummer, and jammed on stage with Lennon and some of the other Beatles when they were at the Star Club/Top Ten club Hamburg in the early 60's sessioning on an album with Tony Sheriden.

In 1969 Alan set a new record for the Worlds longest drum marathon of 109 hours 6 mins 39 secs; that's Sunday to Friday with NO SLEEP! Authenticated by the Guinness Book of Records; he was 24 at the time.

Alan is currently very busy recording, and mixing the final touches to an album and a single that he's been writing & recording for the past 12 months. He is also writing songs for other artistes and can be contacted for bookings through- Global Entertainments

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"He is brilliant, unbelievable, so uncanny. Even my kids, when they heard the songs and saw Alan's photograph, they thought it was me." - Chris De Burgh

"Certainly, Alan James' voice and performance is so like that of Chris De Burgh, it is just like listening to one of Chris De Burgh's CD's." - Mark Richie, The Stage



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